What is this mysterious place?

We love coffee. So every time we visit a city, we seek out the best places to drink it. Annoyed by the effort it takes to gather all the latest information on the local coffee scene, we created this platform, to make every coffee lover’s life easier. The website shows all the excellent specialty coffee places near you (or at least the ones, we know of). Just click ’nearby’, and Beany will show you the specialty coffee shops closest to you.

The explore option also allows you to check out cafés in another city. We are constantly expanding the platform, adding new cafés, cities, and features. If you have feedback or know of a great specialty coffee place we haven't listed yet, just use our submit form - Cheers!

Who we are

A group of people who probably spend too much time drinking, thinking, and talking specialty coffee. At any given time of day, you can find at least one of us hanging out at her or his favorite coffee place or on the lookout for the next rising star of the coffee scene.

Marius, Julia, Sven, and Frederik